Kerala Scenery

Kerala has long beaches, misty mountains, elegant rivers and charming inland water bodies. Above all it has the soothing greenery all around.

Beaches like Kovalam, Shankhumugham, Mararikulam, Fort Kochi and Payyambalam are breathtakingly beautiful. This hills of Wayanad and Idukki are lush green and charming. Rivers like Periyar, Kallar, Pamba and hundreds of rivulets make picture post card views. The inland water bodies such as Vembanad and Ashtamudi land are incredibly charming. The country boat at a leisurely pace in any of these water bodies will soothe your mind and body.

But these are not the only beautiful views you will have during your stay in Kerala. Every place that you see here will captivate you and make you wonder if this is one big garden.

Here is a view of the backwaters. On the other shore you see dense coconut plantation. Imagine sitting by the shore and watching the quiet reflection on the water. By the way, a backwater in Kerala would mean a large water body connected to the sea.

backwaters with reflection of coconut garden

Kerala is full of coconut trees, be it on the beaches or in the hills. The coconuts can roll along on the ground and float in water. These nuts are then carried by the tides to other coasts. That is how, you see coconut plants in all tropical countries of the world that have a seacoast. The coconut trees are nature's bounty for its various economically useful produces. Apart from that the Coconut gardens are a treat to your eyes. Here is a view of Kovalam beach with coconut trees.

Coconut trees on the beach

The long coastline of Kerala offers immense opportunity for fishing. You could see large fishing villages along the length of the state. Country fishing boats lining the beaches is a common sight in Kerala.

fishing boats along the Kerala coast

Kerala has many inland water bodies. Many of them are connected to the sea and are called backwaters. A house boat ride in one of them is a date with the nature. Swaying palms leaning to the water, chirping birds, the sound of the little waves...and an occasional view of some Chinese fishing nets, as below :


The backwaters in Kochi (Ernakulam) are beautiful. You see the little islands, port and the distant sea in the picture below:

Kochi backwaters, like all the other backwaters of Kerala is breathtakingly beautiful

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