Shanghumugham Beach

A beautiful view of the Shanghumugham beach

Walk out of Sunday B&B to Shanghumugham beach to enjoy the beautiful sunset.

Shanghumugham beach is barely 150 meters from Sunday B&B. It is a very popular beach for the sunset watchers. From Trivandrum city center, the beach is about 8 kilometers.

Shanghumugham Beach

The Mermaid- Kanai

Mermaid- Kanai Kunjuraman

The beautiful sculpture of a mermaid is a major attraction here. Kanai Kunjuraman, one of the most renowned sculptors of Kerala created this breathtaking mermaid. Nothing captures the relaxed ambience of Shakhumugham better than the reclining mermaid.

Indian Coffee House

Indian Coffee House at Shanghumugham

The best location to watch the sunset sipping a cup of hot tea is the Indian Coffee House overlooking the beach. The coffee house run by the workers cooperative of the coffee board serves various south Indian snacks along with coffee and tea from 7.30 am to 9 pm

Traffic Park

The Chacha Nehru Traffic Training Park here attracts children and helps them to learn the traffic rules.


The beach occupies an important place in the cultural heritage of the city.

The two major festivals of Sri Padmanabha Swami temple, Alpashy in October/ November and the Painkuni festival in March / April, culminate with the Aarattu (holy bath) procession to the Shankumugham Beach. The procession of the deities starts from the temple and crosses the airport. The airport would be closed for flights during the Aaratuu. The foot procession, accompanied by the king of travancore, ends with the holy bath of the deities in the sea at Shankhumugham. After the ritual bath in the sea, the idols of Sri Padmanabhaswamy, Krishna and Narasimha are taken back to the temple. The procession in the night is a throw back to the antiquated past, with the traditional torches.

Some views of the beach

A long shot view of the beach, with the stone pavilion in the foreground
Palace on the beach

Valiathura Pier, barely 2 km from Sunday B&B is a local attraction. The old pier jutting into the sea offers some spectacular views of the Shankhumugham beach. Here are a few snaps for you:


Valiathura Pier 2

canoe on valiathura pier

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